AlbuSorb™ Albumin Depletion Kit


– Removes >90% albumin from 30 mg albumin/ml sample
– Affinity-type equivalence, virtually no cross-reactivity with other proteins
– Bind and elute procedure – simply weigh powder, condition the sample, centrifuge and/or filter, and recover the albumin depleted serum
– Economical new surface technology, not based on affinity chromatography
– Mild conditions maintain tertiary structure of proteins and simple transfer to secondary analysis
– The albumin depleted filtrate retains the enzymatic and biological activity
– Removes albumin from samples such as serum, plasma and from species including human, mouse, sheep, bovine, goat, rat, and calf
– The flow through fraction is compatible with LC-MS, activity based protein profiling and proteomic studies.

Albusorb™ is an albumin depletion reagent supplied as a kit with necessary buffers. With 25ul of starting sample, the yield of albumin depleted serum protein is 0.1-0.2 milligrams. Albusorb™ binds albumin from serum or plasma and is compatible with downstream proteomics methods such as protein array pixelation ,1D and 2D gel electrophoresis, LC/MS, and MALDI-TOF MS. Samples are also prepared for biomarker discovery, toxicological studies for new drugs, enzyme assays, protein profiling using SELDI analysis and cytokines research.

AlbuSorb™ binds to albumin, and serum proteins flow through. Removal of albumin allows enhanced detection of low abundance proteins. AlbuSorb™ comes from a silica-based, separation platform utilizing a new combination of surface microenvironments substituted with low molecular substrates that feature drug-binding motifs. Unlike immuno-affinity, the surfaces utilized are disposable eliminating cycle to cycle variance and cross-contamination.

Product list

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A185-6 AlbuSorb™ , Albumin Depletion Kit 6 grams 460 € Order
A185-18 AlbuSorb™ , Albumin Depletion Kit 18 grams 1006 € Order
A185-3 AlbuVoid™ , Albumin Depletion and Low Abundance Protein Enrichment Kit 3 grams 505 € Order