Dagatron Auto Stainer AT-2000GGRAM

Stop hard Manual staining. Exact results from all medical laboratories in the world!

Specimens according to GRAM staining method by automated system control.

This new innovated stainer features advanced functions and performances over manual

staining or automated dip-type stainers, include simplicity and convenience.

It can be provide safety and comfortable environment of test lab.

Accurate and precision Stain

This GRAM Auto Stainer provides fast, easy and stable staining process for staining clinical

Can be used by simple operation and it can be available to obtain accurate and precision stain.


  • No cross-contamination in all of process.
  • Reduction in labor costs.
  • Self cleaning system to clean tray
  • Checking and Warning for lower level of reagents.
  • Minimize personal variation during staining.


AT-2000GGRAM Stainer  
Slide Trey Capacity   1 slide ~10 slides(1 to 20 slides by adding Optional Tray) 
Tray Rotation Speed   Approximately, 6RPM (Stain Mode) / Approximately, 200RPM(DRY Mode) 
Display  4 Line by 20 character alpha-numeric LCD dot-matrix 
Key Button Controls   6 Mode Key(Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Slide up/down)  6 Function selection 
Used Reagent / Consumption(Typical)    Crystal Violet / Gram-lodine / Acetone Alcohol / Safranine 1.2ml~1.8ml 
1 Cycle Stain time(Typical)   10 slides : 13 min. / 20 slides: 18 min.(Option)
Dimensions   480(W) x 445(D) x 265(H)mm. Clearance Height(Lid open): Max. 565mm 
Weight   Approx. 17 kgs
Electrical Requirements   100~240VAC~(Auto selection)@50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption   Max.50 Watts
Drain Connection   Nipple on rear Panel
Safety   Lid interlock : Lid must be closed, andis locked down during operation 
Standard Accessies   1L Reagent Bottle(1set), 5L Waterbottle(1), Reagent Container(1) Reagent Container cable(1), Powercord(1), Drain hose(1) Ragent connection Tube(1 set), User’smanual(1) Quick installation and user’s guide(1),Spare fuse(1), Carbon filer(5) 
Optional Accessaries   Additional slide for 10 slides



HAMA SERUM & PLASMAhama_serum&plasmaNormal human serum & plasma with elevated anti-mouse antibody titers. Blood is taken from individuals who have handled, or worked around mice as pets or in their workplace, e.g. pet shops, pest control, working ranch or farm.


Frozen Liquid 

$35 to $49 per ml

FRESH PLATELET CONCENTRATEfresh_platelet_concentrateContact us to inquire about the availability of
a custom collection.

$6.50 per ml

STERILE FILTERED | RAW SERUM & PLASMAAB Serum   |   Off-The-Clot Serum   |  Sodium Citrate  |  Sodium & Lithium Heparin  |  CPDA |  EDTA /

K2 EDTA / K3 EDTA  |  Difibrinated / Delipidized / Charcoal-Stripped Serum & Plasma


Auto Immune Disease  |  Infectious Disease  |  Allergy Positive  |  H.A.M.A Positive


Buffy Coat  |  Leucocytes  |  Platelets  |  Red Blood Cells  |  RBCs Packed & Washed


Saliva  |  Urine  |  Pregnancy Urine  |  Umbilical Cord Serum  |  Cerebral Spinal Fluid