HemoVoid™ – Hemoglobin Depletion From Erythrocytes

– Hemoglobin voids in flow-through >98%, with <30 minute bind/wash/elute protocol
– Hemoglobin removal from red cell lysates for RBC proteomics
– Hemoglobin removal from hemolyzed serum, blood and dried blood spot/blood card
– Enrichment of hemoglobin variants.
– Low abundance protein and enzyme enrichment
– Disposable, cost-effective and high-throughput
– Mild elution maintains tertiary structure and simple transfer to secondary analysis
– Removes hemoglobin from species including human, sheep, bovine, goat, etc.
– Removes hemoglobin from organs, tissues.
– The eluted fractions retain their enzymatic and biological activity
– The eluted fraction is compatible with LC-MS, activity based protein profiling and proteomic studies.

HemoVoid™ , a silica-based protein enrichment matrix, removes hemoglobin from erythrocyte lysate samples while concentrating low abundance, and/or low molecular weight proteins. The HemoVoid™ protocol uses mild buffers; the protocol conditions are so gentle that native enzyme activity is retained in elution fractions.

HemoVoid™ derives from a silica-based library of individual mixed-mode ligand combinations (ionic, hydrophobic, aromatic, polymer). The library was designed to facilitate weak binding of proteins, allowing for rapid elution from the matrix without any foreknowledge of the variety of proteins contained in the starting sample. HemoVoid™ depletes hemoglobin from red cell lysates while improving the resolution of less abundant blood proteins.

Product list:

Cat. Product Quantity Promo Price Order
HVK-05 HemoVoid™, Hemoglobin Depletion 5 mL 291 € Order
HVK-10 HemoVoid™, Hemoglobin Depletion 10 mL 382 € Order
HVK-50 HemoVoid™, Hemoglobin Depletion 50 mL 1300 € Order
HVK-100 HemoVoid™, Hemoglobin Depletion 100 mL 2029 € Order