NuGel™ Poly-NHS

– Non-specific sites are virtually eliminated by a polymer coating
– Stable across a wide pH range 2 – 10
– 1000A, 50µm Silica suitable for LC and batch processes
– Applications include: Enzyme immobilization, separation and purification of biopolymers, immobilization of proteins & ligands – monoclonal antibodies, hormones, peptides, haptens, drugs, etc

Silica has been an industry standard as an advantageous matrix suitable for high performance liquid chromatography. With NuGel™, non-specific sites have been virtually eliminated making it an ideal support for affinity purification. Through a proprietary polymer coating, Silica is crosslinked forming a reactive Poly-Epoxy functionality stable across a wide pH range (pH 2 to 10). From this foundational chemistry, all of the NuGel™ affinity products are derived.

NuGel™ Poly-NHS Technical Data

NuGel™ Poly-NHS is a derivative of NuGel™ polyamino affinity support. This affinity support contains NHS groups at the end of hydrophilic spacer arms and is used to couple ligands containing amino groups.

Technical Data
Spacer Arm Polymerized hydrophilic carbon chain
Porosity 1000Å
Average Particle Size 50um
Substitution Level 100-200 uEq/gm of NHS groups

Product list

Cat. Product Quantity Promo Price Order
NPHS-25 NuGel™ Poly-NHS 50 mL 470 € Order